January 29, 2021

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Andrew: Magic. That's what it is holiday magic.

Jocelyn: Holi-blaze. 4-20 blaze it.

Andrew: 4-20 blaze it

Jocelyn: Actually all the time blaze it. Why not do what makes ya feel good. I mean, within reason, ya know

Andrew: Uh, I, yeah, I guess so I was about to say like, no, do what do whatever you want, but. There could be some harm there. That's horrible.

Jocelyn: Yeah :laughs: Welcome to swicy

Andrew: Where one of us is sweet and one of us is spicy.

Jocelyn: I'm Jocelyn.

Andrew: And I'm Andrew

Jocelyn: Today, we're going to talk about.....

Andrew: Oh, do I say it? :laughter: The holidays. :laughs: Or Holi- blaze.

Jocelyn: Oh the holidays.

Andrew: Yes. This year is a very different year for me in terms of the holidays. Um, and I think for you too, I know we were talking about this before, but yeah. I mean, the holidays are very different and it's interesting to think about. And also personally, I feel excited that it's a little different.

Jocelyn: Tell me more.

Andrew: Well, um, I think I'm excited because it's it's well, I'm not excited because of everything that's happening right now. But I'm excited that it feels a little refreshing from the normal that I like have to go through. Um, my parents were on the East coast and I have to fly to the East coast. I see them for a week. And then I fly back and not saying it's the same thing every year. It's just, it's, it's nice to have less of that pressure.

Jocelyn: Okay. Yeah. I feel that, um, and I mean also the rush of holiday travel and the stress of that. Plus needing to like, be a certain way around your loved ones or, I mean, some people also don't like their families and don't like going back for the holidays too. So it's probably, yeah, just like a big jumble of emotions.

Andrew: Yeah. It's definitely, you know, I get excited to see you, my family, because it's really the only time I get to see them every year. Because we're so far apart, but, um, it's a lot, I think, uh, you know, it's, it's not just family time. It's family time plus holidays, plus, you know, these gift-giving and time spent together.

It's, it's just everything bundled together. I sound like a Grinch, Scrooge, a Scrooge or a Grinch. Scrooge joy. I don't know. I don't know anymore. Well, I think this year is also weird because I just don't feel in the spirit, you know?

Jocelyn: Yeah. I mean, it's hard because so many people are dying daily and at the expense of others who have been traveling like that one, couple who frickin went on a plane after they tested positive for COVID?

Andrew: Yup

Jocelyn: Uh what?! It's

Andrew: Just, yeah, the selfishness. Shame.

Jocelyn: Truly

Andrew: Shame. But I mean, yeah. I mean, I agree like there's, it's uh, it's not just the holidays, it's the holidays plus everything else that's going on right now. And I think that's kind of the weird part now. And also not even the weird, it's just a lot to take in at this one moment.

Jocelyn: Mhm. Yeah. And I think for me, I usually see my family at least once a year, and this year I won't be going back to the East coast. Just like you, it'll be a little different, but I think what is a little comforting is that everyone's kind of going through this as well. Um, and it doesn't feel, I don't know, it feels like there's some sort of comradery for the greater good. And for public health. And I don't know, I don't know. I'm also trying not to like belittle feelings of sadness.

Andrew: Yeah. I think, you know, uh, as we started this, I feel very, I dunno, I feel like I'm coming across as being really happy that I'm not seeing my family, but that's not true.

I mean, I am sad that I don't get to spend time with them. Like I do every year. You know, I think ultimately what I do care about is as long as everyone is safe, I think that is, that makes me happier. And there's always more time next year to hopefully when all this stuff passes to be able to see them for even longer periods of time. Right?

Jocelyn: Yeah.

Andrew: The joy of the holidays.

Jocelyn: Well, the holidays are interesting because I mean, my, when I grew up we. We didn't have, subscribe to a religion. Um, so, you know, Chris, we participated in Christmas, but it wasn't something that we really, I dunno, there's no meaning behind it, really, for us, other than to like, be together, to participate in this very capitalistic, uh, season

Andrew: I was about to be like give gifts to each other. Is that what you're trying to say?

Jocelyn: Yeah. Basically give gifts to each other. Although I feel like the last few years, I've reached a point where like, I don't, I don't need a gift. Like I'll, I'll give them something, but I personally just don't really need anything myself, but it's still fun to just. Have a reason to give something to somebody. Yeah. Even if it's just a yearly thing. And I think, especially with Christmas, I loved just having a tree to decorate.

Andrew: I think it's the decorations and the feeling around it. Not necessarily getting gifts or all these other things. It's, it's like, I haven't even put up a tree. I haven't put any decorations up. It doesn't feel like December. It feels like the longest month of November ever, but, uh, you know, I, I do like you, I do love the idea of. Finding the right gift and giving them to my friends and family and spending time with them and seeing them enjoy it. I think that's ultimately what the holidays are about for me. But I do know I'm going to miss that this year, even though I'm sending them presents.

Jocelyn: Yeah, totally. I mean, it's, it's definitely not the same as like being in the state in the presence of other people. As you normally would and yeah, just like the little routines that you may do.

Andrew: Yeah. I mean, I think as I've gotten older, I don't really care for Christmas presents as much. Um, you know, there's probably a small handful of things that I'm like, yeah, sure. You can get that for me if you want. But I think we're also working adults that are like, if we want to get it ourselves, we probably can. But it makes me think of like, when I was younger, what was. A Christmas gift that I got, that I was just like blown away by and just like so excited for, I do remember my uncle got me this huge, it was a massive box and it was like a racetrack electric racetrack. And there was like two cars that you couldn't race each other, but it was like ginormous. The box is probably larger than me at the time. Uh, and I loved putting it together and like just racing cars over and over.

Jocelyn: That's so fun. Was it like art wheels or k'nex or something?

Andrew: I don't think it was a hot wheels brand. I don't remember what the brand was. I just remember the box was this giant lime green box. And I actually think the track went vertically. So like a car would have to go vertically up kind of like a rollercoaster, but, uh, it was really cool.

Jocelyn: It sounds cool.

Andrew: I kind of wish I still had it. Do you have a favorite gift?

Jocelyn: I'm like trying to recall one and I honestly cannot

Andrew: I mean so many years have passed since I've gotten like, I guess toys.

Jocelyn: Yeah, I think toys, like, I definitely loved playing with like Barbies as a kid. Cause I loved to just make up stories and act them out with these little dolls, which is

Andrew: Do you like change their clothes and they have all different occupations.

Jocelyn: Yeah. I mean, they definitely had their own storylines.

Andrew: Whoa, wait, what? What's what's the storyline? Going to work

Jocelyn: Trying to remember right now. So I never had one of those like giant Barbie houses, but I did have, a, a minivan.

Andrew: Whoa.

Jocelyn: Um, it was blue

Andrew: soccer mom.

Jocelyn: And I also had horses. Cause I don't remember if I've ever mentioned this before

Andrew: They have horses?

Jocelyn: Oh yeah. There's a Barbie horse with like a really long flowing mane that got like very tangled up.

Andrew: I did not know that

Jocelyn: But, yeah, I, I don't know if I've ever mentioned, but I was like definitely a horse girl. As a kid. Oh really? Have you ever ridden a horse? I have, yeah. I actually used to take riding lessons for a few years.

Andrew: That's so cool.

Jocelyn: But so I had a horse of course and I would, I can't tell you like a specific story that I made up for them, but. You know, they were definitely like incorporated in the family somehow

Andrew: Just going to work on my horse. See you later. Oh my God. So many new things that I've learned about you just in the past three minutes, horses, Barbie horses, Barbie horse stories.

Jocelyn: Yeah. I mean, were there any toys that you like absolutely loved that you wanted for like christmas or your birthday or something?

Andrew: Um, I think one, I remember, I don't know if you know the brand like creepy crawlies. I think it was called, but it was kind of like an Easy bake oven, but instead of making food, you melt these little plastic things and it makes these like sticky creatures out of like bright colors.

Jocelyn: I don't know if I remember seeing that, but I'm going to have to look it up.

Andrew: I wanted one so bad. I think that was the one thing that I really, really wanted as I grew older, I think k'nex were the one thing that I really, really loved. Yeah. Yeah. And I would just ask for like more connects and, uh, I think one year I got one that was like a solar powered one. So it had like a solar panel. Yeah. And I could make like a Ferris wheel. And if you, and I would put it near the window and I would just put the solar panel near the window so that it would just illuminate or like it would work and the electricity would make it go round. I thought it was so cool.

Jocelyn: That's very cool.

Andrew: I know. I wonder if they still have that, this is like nostalgia hit and hit me really deeply right now.

Jocelyn: That's so cool because it's teaching you like, first of all, hand-eye coordination to assemble all these pieces and then about how the sun can provide energy and how that can charge up this machine. Man it's pretty cool.

Andrew: Totally. Yeah. All this nostalgia is just hitting me really deep. I think you had a question around what holiday movies, what was your question?

Jocelyn: Um, I, I don't think it was a question. I think I just mentioned before we hit record that we should talk about like holiday movies or, I mean, honestly, anything related to the holidays.

Andrew: True. Have you ever been home where it snowed during Christmas?

Jocelyn: Like on Christmas day?

Andrew: Like actual White Christmas? Yeah. Do you even know? Do you, have you experienced that? I don't think I have.

Jocelyn: I could not tell you. I, I mean, definitely ever since I moved out for a college, I don't think I ever came back when it was snowing. Like it, it always seemed to snow after I left and either went back to school or, uh, California. Yeah. Yeah. But I'm sure it happened as when we were younger.

Andrew: I'm trying to remember, but I don't remember any moment when I woke up on Christmas day and it was white snow outside. I do not remember that at all. Yeah. I don't know.

Jocelyn: I do miss, like that feeling of seeing the fresh snow. Seeing that it's like deep enough to go sledding and just like frantically, like putting on your snow pants and your gloves and like just getting outside

Andrew: Trying to make a snowman.

Jocelyn: Yes.

Andrew: I feel like every time I try to make a snowman, it was just a bad idea. I could never get it to work. Yeah. I think these TV shows are ruining the ideas of what a snowman should look like because mine were so tiny or not round. They weren't as like nice.

Jocelyn: Yeah. I, I would agree with you. And the snow was never like perfectly white. It's like definitely got like brown soot and like mud caked in it with like the grass.

Andrew: I agree.

Jocelyn: The movies have just made things so idyllic, like, think about it. Everything is so romanticized.

Andrew: I know. Totally true. Totally true. It's like a reality versus expectation versus reality.

Jocelyn: Yes. This would be a perfect example, the snowman.

Andrew: Yeah. And I think you're pretty much right about how the snow was just like, kind of gross. I mean, the first snowfall, wonderful. Once they start plowing the roads. Good luck.

Jocelyn: Yeah. I mean, did you ever have to like help shovel the sidewalk or the driveway?

Andrew: Oh yeah. That was like my duty. At least my dad would, my dad would take care of it. Cause I think he wa he, my dad's very handy. Right. But for me it was definitely like, I would help out as much as possible, especially as I got older. Did you have to?

Jocelyn: Yeah, we definitely,

Andrew: Or was this your brother?

Jocelyn: Um, I mean, both of us helped out.

Andrew: Okay. Do you have like a large driveway?

Jocelyn: Uh, define large.

Andrew: Oh, I don't know. I guess how many cars can fit on your driveway?

Jocelyn: Like side by side or vertically?

Andrew: Uh, that makes me think cars on their side.

Jocelyn: Oh, I mean, like one behind the other or like,

Andrew: I guess either way because my, my parents are side-by-side. Yeah. So there's two, they could fit two

Jocelyn: In the driveway.

Andrew: Yes.

Jocelyn: We had, we could probably put, fit four cars in our driveway. So two side by side and then two behind. We also lived on like, sort of like a little Hill. It wasn't a big Hill, but there's definitely an incline. Okay. So it was like parking on a little bit of a Hill.

Andrew: That's a lot of driveway to shovel.

Jocelyn: Yeah. So that's why my parents were like, you're going to help us. And then we got a snowblower and that was cool.

Andrew: I don't think my dad ever got a snowblower, but that sounds wonderful. I don't think it snows as deeply. Where my parents are in New Jersey. Cause they're kind of near the, I would say 20, 30 minutes away from the coast. So it's a little less, but there's some years that were like pretty heavy.

Jocelyn: Okay, I mean, when I'm trying to think of like the deepest snow fall or like the most snowfall, I don't know, maybe like a foot or something in most recent years. And then I feel like. There was a year when I was maybe in middle schoole or something, there was a huge ass blizzard. And I remember school was out for like, I don't know, maybe like a week. And I lived in a cul-de-sac.

Andrew: So you were just boxed in

Jocelyn: RIght, so like, there's just like this one street in and out. And then there's like a little circle at the end where you have to like turn around, butI remember the snowplows, like plowed all the snow in the back corner of the like roundabout area and all the kids were just like climbing on it. We made like huge forts and it was like amazing. It was so fun.

Andrew: Oh my God. I always wanted to build an igloo. Ooh. But I know that's not I'm I guess I'm not structurally. Like, I just don't know how to do it structurally where it will actually

Jocelyn: I don't think I've ever attempted to make one. I would just like start digging, like in the side of a snow bank

Andrew: into a giant hill.

Jocelyn: Yeah. Yeah. And I was like, I hope this doesn't collapse.

Andrew: Yeah. But I'm also thinking about what are like, I don't think I've ever been near a real igloo. Are they even real? Is the question I have. The way that I envision it. Well, I guess I don't know what you're envisioning in your head. I guess I'm just thinking about what I see on like cartoons and TV, you know, like brick by brick.

Jocelyn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I don't know. We'll have to do a Google search.

Andrew: Expectation versus reality is what's happening right now.

Jocelyn: I miss snow.

Andrew: I do too. But only the first snow, like we said before

Jocelyn: You mean you don't want to like dig your car out?

Andrew: Uh, no, I know that's one thing I do not miss about snow

Jocelyn: Or driving on ice, dude. That shit is no joke.

Andrew: Even just walking on black ice, like the, like the invisible ice, I guess. And then like, not even knowing you're on it. I think the only thing I really hate is just how cold I feel in general, you know, like when you just like walk outside and you're still wearing your snow gear, but it's still freezing cold. Yes. Like to your bone, it's like, you feel the chill. Yeah. I like miss it and don't miss it.

Jocelyn: Yeah. It's fun for like five minutes.

Andrew: Yes. I was about to be like five seconds. Like yeah. As soon as you walk out, you're like, Oh, this is nice. And then it's like too cold.

Jocelyn: Yeah. And I feel like you only really feel it when you're in a city. So like last year I visited New York city for a few days and I mean, you're just like walking outside and that's like a normal to just be walking. And I just remember, I was like, Why did I decide to do this? I need better gloves.

Andrew: Why am I here? It's cold. Yeah. That's true. Very true.

Jocelyn: But it's also fun because I think it makes you, like, I know we've talked about how in the Bay area, there aren't really any seasons, but having seasons, it just makes you anticipate the next one coming. And I don't know, you find like, Bits that you love about it, or maybe things that you don't and it's just like, A mindset shift. And it's also, it's almost like a passage of time, like, you know, okay. After the fall it's going to be fucking cold for a while and then, spring will come.

Andrew: You can at least prepare.

Jocelyn: Yeah.

Andrew: Right. And you kind of, you have something to look forward to.

Jocelyn: Yeah. Totally, but here it's just like, Hmm, it's going to be foggy for like, I don't know, the whole year, except for two months.

Andrew: Yeah. And then you're like an anticipating October where it's like, Oh, I can't wait for it to be really sunny. And then when it's really sunny, you're like, I can't wait for it to be foggy again. Cause it's too hot. Oh gosh.

Jocelyn: We're so. So spoiled.

Andrew: I know I'm getting, I'm becoming a, a weather wimp

Jocelyn: but I will say the, the like air here is it definitely can get cold and it's windy. Oh yeah. So, I mean, I'm not saying that it's like entirely not equivalent to having like a cold fall evening or something.

Andrew: Oh, yeah, the wind, the wind here can, is almost, uh, that kind of chill that can get to your bones kind of feeling sometimes. Yeah. Always bring a jacket.

Jocelyn: True. You can spot a rookie. A rookie San Franciscian if they don't have a layer with them

Andrew: And you can, you can spot a tourist wearing shorts.

Jocelyn: So true.

Andrew: Wait back on the topic of movies. Cause I suddenly remember, uh, this is, I would say more recent, but whenever I used to get together for the holidays, my cousins would always want to watch Love Actually, because it was like this like kind of wholesome ish love movie that you watched during the holidays.

Jocelyn: Oh yes. Hands down. Favorite holiday romcom is "The Holiday", honestly. It's. Have you ever seen it?

Andrew: I don't think I've ever seen it.

Jocelyn: Okay. You should definitely watch it.

Andrew: I have to Google this.

Jocelyn: Yeah, it's got Jack Black, Kate Winslet. Cameron Diaz and Jude Law as the main, you know, characters.

Andrew: Okay. 6.9 out of 10 stars.

Jocelyn: 6.9, okay. Who is rating? What!

Andrew: This is on IMDB

Jocelyn: okay. Well, their authority, they don't have any authority,

Andrew: Out of like 242,000 votes

Jocelyn: :Laughter: whatever it's skewed.

Andrew: Wait. Okay. What's the premise of this story?

Jocelyn: Okay the premise is basically: it follows the two, two women Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz. They're like not really happy with their current situation. So they decided to list their houses on like a home exchange.

Andrew: Okay.

Jocelyn: So they decide to do that for the holiday and then they switch and then they meet those different people at their, each other's like respective locations. And some things happen, you know?

Andrew: Interesting.

Jocelyn: That's all, I'll say.

Andrew: Interesting. Leaving it. Open-ended for the listeners out there.

Jocelyn: :Laughs: Okay. I mean, people, you know, fall in love. Yeah. It's a Rom-com

Andrew: Obviously, it's a rom-com. Okay. We'll add to the list of, I was about to say shitty romcoms because they're like not great, but they're like, they're just like, they're there. And you're like, I kind of feel like I need to watch these during the holidays.

Jocelyn: I would not consider this shitty, but that's just my opinion.

Andrew: Okay.

Jocelyn: I'll let you decide.

Andrew: Okay. Okay. We'll add it to the list.

Jocelyn: What would be on your list in terms of romcoms or just like holiday movies? Or movies you watched during the holidays? It doesn't have to be a specifically holiday movie.

Andrew: I don't know if I watch a ton of movies. I think so. Actually the, the biggest thing that I remember at the holidays in general is that my dad would play the Alvin and the chipmunks album every Christmas morning. Like when we wake up.

Jocelyn: That's nice.

Andrew: So like, I would, I would like get up and it would be like, "Alvin and the chipmunks", like a CD being played. And I would like listen to all their songs. That's what I remember mostly in terms of things that like audi-, like if I'm thinking, just like audio that I hear, like that's the thing I remember. That's nice because you know, I think most of the time when I'm together with my family or my cousins, the TV is on and it's like, whatever romcom is playing on TV at the time. So, like, I do remember like "Love Actually" playing quite a bit and we kind of like would search for it because it kind of just became a thing that we would just like, watch. Uh, kind of like half-ass watch, right. It'd be like there and I would be eating dinner and I wouldn't really like pay attention to it, but I know it's there kind of thing

Jocelyn: You'd like glance at it for a minute.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah. And like, it was "A Christmas story", like that stuff would always be on TV

Jocelyn: Home, alone.

Andrew: Yeah. Home alone was another one. Uh, you know, all that stuff, just being played over and over. Just because it was on TV. Like I never seek out an actual movie. It's just like, it's there. And I'm like, Oh yeah, I'll watch this. You know?

Jocelyn: Yeah. There's, I'm trying to think of like, it's definitely just like Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

Andrew: There's like a claymation one or something, right? Yeah. That's the one I, I can see it in my head.

Jocelyn: Yeah. I remember the, like the villain quote unquote villain. Yeah. It just looked like freaky.

Andrew: Wasn't he like blue?

Jocelyn: Yeah. He was blue and had like pointy teeth or something.

Andrew: Yeah. Kind of like, uh, abominable snowman kind of looking ish.

Jocelyn: Yes.

Andrew: I never, I don't even think I've really sat down to watch that.

Jocelyn: I definitely did.

Andrew: I feel like it's always was in the background.

Jocelyn: I kind of want to just like rewatch these kids' movies again.

Andrew: I mean, if I had cable, they probably would be on already.

Jocelyn: Oh yeah, that's true. We don't have cable either.

Andrew: I wonder if they're a Netflix

Jocelyn: There, they might be.

Andrew: They might be.

Jocelyn: I mean, they've definitely been pushing like rom-com holiday movies.

Andrew: Oh yeah. Uh, like the lifetime ones?

Jocelyn: Yes.

Andrew: Sorry, I just, did you hear about the KFC one?

Jocelyn: No. What?

Andrew: Oh my God. I have to look this up.

Jocelyn: Wait, KFC has a romcom?

Andrew: I believe so. Well, it's a holiday rom-com.

Jocelyn: Wow. Never thought that they would dabble in media, but here we are.

Andrew: I don't, I don't know. I don't even know if this is real, but I guess it is. It's called "A recipe for seduction" and it stars Mario Lopez. As Colonel Sanders and it's sponsored by KFC and the movie tells the story of a young heiress who struggles to choose between a wealthy suitor chosen by her mother and the new house chef Harlan Sanders.

Jocelyn: Okay. I also need to look this up now. So that's what I'm doing.

Andrew: You should look at if, if y'all have not seen the, like the image that's associated with it, it's ridiculous because it's weird to see Mario Lopez like this. And also, I don't know. I guess it's not a holiday movie. It's just like a lifetime movie.

Jocelyn: Is this a joke.

Andrew: I don't know. It's supposed to be, it says Lifetime, December 13th at noon.

Jocelyn: Interesting. I'm fascinated.

Andrew: Yeah. I mean something to keep you preoccupied with during this holiday

Jocelyn: When I'm not watching "The holiday".

Andrew: Yeah. Pretty much.

Jocelyn: Oh, okay. Have you seen a "Nightmare before Christmas"?

Andrew: Yes.

Jocelyn: Would you consider that a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie

Andrew: Or how about the time in between Halloween and Christmas? I had a friend who was really into that movie and she would just watch it like non-stop between Halloween and Christmas. :laughing: Which I don't blame her, but I don't know. I don't know if I can categorize it in either. I hadn't really thought about it.

Jocelyn: Yeah. It might kind of be its own

Andrew: Well it's definitely. I don't know if I can, I don't know if I can categorize. I mean, it has Christmas in the title, so I assume it's more Christmasy.

Jocelyn: Yeah. But it's also saying the nightmare before.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jocelyn: Christmas.

Andrew: I don't know.

Jocelyn: Let's see what the internet has to say.

Andrew: When was it released?

Jocelyn: I will let you know, in two seconds: 1993.

Andrew: Is there a specific date? October 13th, 1993.

Jocelyn: Okay. Maybe it's a Halloween movie

Andrew: BUt I can also imagine it being like a Halloween movie that transitions into Christmas.

Jocelyn: Yeah. I mean, it definitely is within the, in both holidays because Jack Skellington is just like, I'm sick of this boring Halloween job. I want to be Santa.

Andrew: Yeah. :laughter:

Jocelyn: So I don't know.

Andrew: You're hired. For the voice of Jack Skellington.

Jocelyn: Are they doing a live action? That would be wild.

Andrew: Are they?

Jocelyn: I don't know.

Andrew: Would they? Is this a Disney movie? Like a Disney Disney movie or subsidiary?

Jocelyn: Umm let's check. IMDB. I don't see anything about Dis-

Andrew: Yeah. Me either, but it's on Disney plus. That's all I know.

Jocelyn: Wait, yeah. Why does it not even say like what production... whaaat.

Andrew: Yeah. I was like who I knew, cause that was like kind of the s- not the start of the Claymation stuff, but it's the most prominent one that I can remember.

Jocelyn: Yeah. Okay. Now we're just going too deep into this. At least I am.

Andrew: I'm going to back out. I'm going to back out.

Jocelyn: We should back out. Cause I'm yeah, I'm going deep.

Andrew: You can let me know afterwards.

Jocelyn: Oh yeah. Wait. Okay. Yeah, let's, let's

Andrew: You're going deep

Jocelyn: Closing Wikipedia.

Andrew: Yeah. That's a rabbit hole. I do not want to go down right down since we're not going home for the holidays. Uh, Jocelyn, what are you doing? That was such a blanket question. What are you doing? What are you doing for the holidays?

Jocelyn: Uh, what am I doing for the holidays? I am s- going to be in my apartment

Andrew: Fun.

Jocelyn: So we,

Andrew: No, I meant like, you know, relaxing.

Jocelyn: Yeah. I mean, we have decorations, so we put them up. Um, we have, uh, like a Santa hat I put on my Monstera's like little post thing

Andrew: Cute

Jocelyn: like, you know, to keep it stable. We have a fake tree, uh, that we put a bunch of stuff on. What else? A wreath on our door.

Andrew: Ooh

Jocelyn: Stuff on our mantle

Andrew: Festive.

Jocelyn: Um, my favorite decorations are probably these little like birds and apparently they're like collectible birds, but they're like made out of fabric and like wire and they have like little outfits we have two of them

Andrew: What kind of outfits?

Jocelyn: I think one has like a scarf. And like a little vest. Um, and I cannot remember what the other one has.

Andrew: Oh, for some reason I was thinking they were like, each of them had like a different job. Like one was a doctor and another was, I don't know a chef.

Jocelyn: That would be cute. But no

Andrew: Yeah, I didn't know, cause, cause when you say collectible, I think that, you know, I think like there's a different, there's a different type, I guess collectible could also mean that there are just different types of birds.

Jocelyn: Okay yeah.

Andrew: Cardinal Bluejay Eagle, you know, things like that. I was, yeah.

Jocelyn: These are just kind of like collectible wintery outfit birds.

Andrew: Cute.

Jocelyn: Yeah. What about you? Anything that's festive?

Andrew: I haven't put my decorations up. I have a box of them, not everyone knows, but I recently got a puppy and she has been tiring me out a lot. So, and she also bites a lot of things. So we're kind of worried about putting anything up that she would just start attacking. So I do want to get a tree and I thought about getting a fake tree. But then I realized, I don't know where I'm going to store that fake tree after I have it for the holidays. Um, so I might get like a small, like real tree, just like really tiny one, uh, to just decorate. Cause I have a bunch of really nice ornaments that I got a while back. They're all like Woodland creatures made out of actual wood

Jocelyn: Cuuute from where?

Andrew: Yeah, there's, there's one, that's like a little tiny hedgehog. It was like really adorable. I got them from. I either got them from like CB2 or something at the time it was like on sale a while back. So I was like, yeah, I want this. And it was like really, really cute. Normally I go kind of all out. My parents sent me, uh, these lanterns from the Philippines that I bought when I was there a couple of years ago. They're just like little tiny stars that are, uh, made out of like seashell. It's called Capece I believe. And there's like a little light inside. I also have like a Filipino lantern. That's already up that I have that up all year round, but now, now is the time to actually like use it, uh, cause it's definitely a holiday thing, but I got in the F from the Philippines last, last year. Yeah, no. Yeah. Earlier this year, technically. So, um, I bought, I bought it when I was there in, uh, in December and I have had that up and just been using that, but I do want to decorate and I think that would get me in the spirit.

Jocelyn: Cool.

Andrew: Or at least like, feel like winter.

Jocelyn: Yeah. Do you think, I'm just trying to think of like, where are you even get a small tree. I've seen, like, there's like a lot by Ocean Beach. Um, At the Safeway I believe. And there probably is one at the one on Market Steet, too. But

Andrew: I know, I think last year we bought a real Christmas tree from this. I don't know what the name of the farm or I guess farm it is, but it's near Lawton and seventh. Oh, I believe because normally there is like a pumpkin patch too. Like they'll have a bunch of pumpkins. And I remember, I think going there to get the Christmas tree, maybe we'll do it. We'll see. Maybe I'll just buy a small fake one. I do. I think I actually do have a small, tiny, tiny, fake fake one that I should just crack out.

Jocelyn: Do it. You could put on your desk or something.

Andrew: True. Very true. Let's get festive. Well, we talked about what we're doing for the holidays, and we hope that everyone listening gets to be stay safe and healthy during this holiday time. I know it's very difficult and I hope that everyone can still have a good time, even if they are not able to be with their loved ones and friends

Jocelyn: Beautifully said

Andrew: Thank you.

Jocelyn: I would echo that. And I hope that you all can take some time to relax and recharge, take some time to yourself and find ways to connect with the people that you care about, um, in a safe way. Um, yeah.

Andrew: Great

Jocelyn: Peace out, y'all.

Andrew: And that's all we got. Make sure you subscribe on Apple podcasts and all other apps like Spotify, Google podcasts, or Stitcher

Jocelyn: For more information, and to listen to other episodes, visit our website at getswicy.com

Andrew: Tune in next week for mooore spicy content.

Jocelyn: Peace oooout

Andrew: Happy holidays y'aaaall