001 Who the f*ck are we?

January 29, 2021

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Jocelyn: Well, I guess, wait, do you want to end it? 

Andrew: No, go ahead. 

Jocelyn: I already started it. 

Andrew: Oh, I just like when you say more spicy content. 

Jocelyn: Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. Awesome.

Welcome to Swicy!!

Andrew: Where one of us is sweet and one of us is spicy. 

Jocelyn: I'm Jocelyn 

Andrew: and I'm Andrew. 

Jocelyn: Today we're talking about who we are. We'll go over some quick bios. talk about our identity and then go into why the heck we want us to make a podcast. So, Andrew, do you want to kick us off?

Andrew:  Sure I'm Andrew.  my pronouns are he him. I was born in. The 1980s, the late 1980s, but I like to call myself a nineties kid. I know that you have some qualms about that. 

Jocelyn: You're just kind of, co-opting the nineties kid label, but I'll let it slide. 

Andrew: Sure. But you know, all I remember is the nineties. I was born in 87. So like for three years of my life, I literally don't remember the eighties.

Jocelyn: That's fair. That's why I'm letting it slide. 

Andrew: Yeah. I mean, I grew up with the Power Rangers and like Dunkaroos and like Lunchables, ooh. Lunchables

Jocelyn: Wait, did you like Lunchables or did you not like Lunchables? 

Andrew: I liked some of them. 

Jocelyn: What was your favorite? 

Andrew: Definitely the pizza one.

Jocelyn: Yeah. Do you remember the taco one?

Andrew: Oh, I remember the nacho one. 

Jocelyn: I don't know if I remember the nacho one. 

Andrew: They had like little discs that are nachos, but I don't remember the taco one 

Jocelyn: Now that I'm thinking about it. The taco meat was like gooey and like weird. 

Andrew: No, I mean, it's a Lunchable. What do you expect? 

Jocelyn: Yeah.

Andrew:  Like you can't heat them up.

Jocelyn: I've never tried, actually. 

Andrew: I don't think you 

Jocelyn: need to, right because you're 

Andrew: supposed to bring them to school, have them for lunch and then that's it. 

Jocelyn: That's true. Yeah. I liked the pizza one.

Andrew: The pizza one was good. The nacho one was definitely very good because I don't know. Now they think about it, nachos isn't really a lunch thing. Like, like you shouldn't have it just for lunch. 

Jocelyn: Yeah. It's pretty unhealthy. Yeah. But I mean, all of them were unhealthy 

Andrew: These tiny tortilla discs in circles that were the size of like pennies. And then there were, it was nacho cheese and salsa. That's it. Yeah. Like where's the protein in that.

Jocelyn: That's all we wanted to eat. They were so expensive too. I remember my mom was like, why am I buying so many of these? 

Andrew: Yeah. Yep. I think my parents only got it too for me when it was on sale. I don't also don't remember bringing my lunch to school that often the more I think about it.

Jocelyn: I did a mix of like packing and buying 

Andrew: Like a 50, 50, we'd say?

Jocelyn: I don't really remember actually. 

Andrew: I mean, I definitely was like a 80, 20. 80 buying 20 bringing to school lunch. 

Jocelyn: Yeah. I remember you could have like a balance and you charge it to your like little ID card thing. Yeah. I mean, this was like high school though and middle school, but yeah.

Andrew: I do think that yours seems more high-tech than mine was.

Jocelyn:  Our school. Well, my high school was, is apparently the largest in like Northern Pennsylvania or some shit. 

Andrew: Oh really? Wow. 

Jocelyn: Yeah. I mean, it's called North Penn, if you want to look  it up. 

Andrew: But how many people went to your school? 

Jocelyn: Oh, we dude, we have like 3000 kids. for grades nine, no, sorry. Grades 10 through 12.

Andrew: Actually, I think my school was around the same size. I do remember my class size being around. I want to say like 550 or 600. Okay. For the, maybe the senior year. but it grew more and more as time progressed. maybe it was 3000. Yeah. You probably still beat me. I'd probably use it like 2000, but, but yeah, I mean, we've already talked about school, but I mean, I you're obviously from the East coast, like I am, I'm, originally born in New York, but raised in Southern New Jersey. And that's where I lived my whole life going from, elementary school to high school. Where I had Lunchables and, you know, I had I eventually moved out here to San Francisco, about eight and a half to nine years ago. What about you, Jocelyn? 

Jocelyn: as, as forementioned, I'm from Pennsylvania. So not the Pittsburgh side, never been to Pittsburgh. but right outside of Philly and born there, grew up there. 

Andrew: Oh, I didn't know you were born there. 

Jocelyn: Mhm. Yeah. 

Andrew: I don't know why I never thought that or asked, but yeah. 

Jocelyn: Yeah. I was born there and, was born in the true nineties. I'm a true nineties kid. Okay. Pronouns. She, her, yeah, I was there until college. I went to upstate New York for college. up in Rochester where it was very cold and

Andrew:  how cold was it? I mean, well, I know it's cold up there and just like, how often was it cold? Is it just like normal seasons? 

Jocelyn: Yeah. I mean, we had normal seasons. Fall is really beautiful. 

Andrew: Yeah. The East coast has beautiful falls. 

Jocelyn: It does, honestly. That's like what I miss about the East coast, like the leaves changing

Yeah. And I just miss like the crisp air and everything just smells like so fresh in the fall. And you have like, you know, different wardrobe. You're not wearing the same shit all year round. Like, you are here

Andrew: I mean, you can get like dressed up over there. 

Jocelyn: Yeah, true. Yeah. I went to school there and then I moved out to San Francisco.

About seven years ago now never visited before. Just kind of decided to come out. 

Andrew: Like on a whim?

Jocelyn: Well, yeah, like three. So my two other roommates, we all went to school together and we all decided to move together. So we've been living together ever since, which I guess a lot of people find surprising because a lot of people just like change roommates and stuff, but 

Andrew: Yeah, that's true. I mean, yeah. Some people are like, I want to live by myself or I want to live with someone else. But I mean, I think it's fine. Yeah. Especially in a city that is mostly living with other people. Like it's good to know the people you live with. Yeah. Did your roommates ever visit San Francisco prior? 

Jocelyn: My one, one of my roommates I think had visited before, but me and my other one never did.

Andrew: Hmm. 

Jocelyn: And we were just kind of like, sure, let's give it a shot. 

Andrew: I mean, I feel like I'm kind of in the same boat because I did visit actually like right before I left to come here, but my roommate and I, at the time moved together as well. And she's never been here, at, prior to moving, but we were kind of just like, yeah, we're graduating college. Let's just go. Go there and like figure it out. And, that was kind of really, really cool. 

Jocelyn: Yeah. It's like, I mean, you, there are no strings, right? You're just like, I dunno. Anything could happen. 

Andrew: Yeah. And we took a road trip across the country, so it was really fun to sort of see parts of the world, parts of the us that I just would never think about going to. Jocelyn, do you have a brother or sister? 

Jocelyn: Oh, yeah. I have a younger brother. most people think he's older than me, but he's not 

Andrew: Actually, when I met him, I thought he was older than you. 

Jocelyn: yeah, he, he actually lived out here for a few years and recently moved back East. So he, his plans are to go to New York city. so now I have a place to go to. 

Andrew: Did he move back already? 

Jocelyn: Yeah. He's he moved back  a few weeks ago. 

Andrew: Oh wow, to New York. 

Jocelyn: Well, so he's technically at my parent's house PA, but he'll move to New York eventually. 

Andrew: Oh, that's cool. 

Jocelyn: Yeah. And you have a younger sister, right? 

Andrew: Yeah. my sister, is about eight and a half years younger than I am.  She definitely looks younger than I do. So, I definitely look like the older brother. and she is on the East coast right now. just finished college living with my parents right now, until she starts her new job. So nice. Yeah. I'm the only person on the West coast in my family. Now that I think about it,

Jocelyn: Like immediate family or just like extended

Andrew:  does extended just mean like cousins and aunts and uncles?

Jocelyn: Yeah. 

Andrew: Yeah. I'm, I'm, I'm the furthest away. aside from, I have a cousin who is in Japan, he travels a lot, so he's not as close. Like when I was growing up with my family, like our family used to get together a lot and you know, I would drive down from college and we'd all get together. but I'm probably the farthest in terms of, I dunno, contact. You don't have any family out here. Right?

Jocelyn: I have a cousin out here, so she and her family live actually like in the South Bay. but other than that, nobody else is out here. Hmm. Yeah. 

Andrew: So Jocelyn, why are we making this podcast? 

Jocelyn: I really don't remember. Just kidding. let's see, let's go back in time. probably a year ago now or more, 

Andrew: I just got reminded, you know, like in those, nineties sitcoms where like the screen goes like wiggly when you're like, think about the past.

That's exactly what I was thinking as you were like, let's go back in time. We should cut that. We should like sample that. Into the podcast. Somehow, 

we're going to have to find that note for note to self.

Jocelyn: let's see way back a year ago. we went to a show. we went to see this really awesome artists named Jay som. And I remember seeing this person that I had gone on a, like a date with. Yes. And I didn't want him to see me cause I felt weird and honestly, it'd been a while. So like, it doesn't even matter, but I felt awkward and uncomfortable and I told you about it. And then I remember we were just talking like in between, songs about how. It'd be funny to just like record this conversation. We were having just about like being uncomfortable in social situations, and how it could be fun to just like make a podcast or something. And I feel like you suggested that kind of like as a joke.

Andrew: Yeah. I think it was kind of on a whim. I was just like, Oh, it'd be really cool. If you could like, make a podcast about these uncomfortable situations, because does anyone really talk about that stuff? Really like, and there's probably a bunch of people who relate to you in that situation of being like, Oh my God, I'm seeing someone I just dated or like, I can see my ex over there, you know, like, Oh, and this is weird. What do I do? 

Jocelyn: Yeah. just because like, those feelings are so relatable, even if it's not like the exact, you know, Social relationship that you're thinking everyone has felt like awkward about seeing somebody before. Yes. so I think that's kind of what we were going off of. And then we were talking more about it with a friend, who became our angel investor. 

Andrew: Yep. 

Jocelyn: shout out to Dan. and I think we were just talking about like, yeah, it'd be fun to like, talk about like hot takes on life and like just random shit about our perspectives as like Asian Americans and like queer people. 

Andrew: Yeah. I mean, to that point, I identify as a Philippix, American. Before, probably like a year or so ago. I definitely call myself Filipino, but I've definitely been learning more about my heritage and the past and the Philippines. I think that is a big part of me that has changed a lot of the perspectives I have on specific topics. I also, I also identify as a gay, Asian man. I think there's a level of that perspective. That is also really interesting, especially during this time. So, I mean, what about you Jocelyn? 

Jocelyn: Well, I identify as Chinese American first generation, so my parents immigrated here, for school basically. And so my brother and I were born here. and I also identify as queer. I think I've more recently been feeling more comfortable using that label for myself? I've always identified. Well, not always, I guess. I mean, maybe always, I identify as hetero romantic asexual, so I don't really feel any sexual attraction, but I do feel like romantic attraction towards men. But I think that the Ace community doesn't really, it wasn't really recognized as part of the queer umbrella until more recently. And it's kind of like an invisible orientation. I feel just because, you know, it's very easy to pass as straight. Yep. There just isn't as much of that, shared, you know, experience or struggle against oppression, with other people that identify as queer. So I think for me to kind of call myself that has been sort of like a, a long process, but here we are.

Yeah. I think it's, it's just not talked about as much between people, I think like, maybe you would talk about it with like close friends or, your community, but maybe less so with, New people you meet. And I feel like more recently just having, you know, people's gender identity, disclosed up front, you know, saying pronouns.

when you meet someone right away, it just helps, ease people into the conversation around like making sure you're respectful and just like not mis-gendering people and, not making assumptions, you know, based on appearances. So, 

Andrew: yeah, and I think what's great about our identities and even parts of this podcast. You know, it's all about representation. And I think that's something we have been talking excessively about and also just like growing in terms of our opinions on and. I'm happy that, you know, we are both Asian Americans who are creating this podcast to basically represent ourselves in the community and talk about these different topics that we want to, and I know anyone can make a podcast these days, and I know there's a lot of people who are Asian-American who are creating podcasts, but you know what. We're in quarantine. We like this as a hobby. We are creative individuals for context, Jocelyn and I are both designers. And I think that this is just a great outlet to voice our opinion. 

Jocelyn: Yeah. And I mean, we've had this idea for a year, so, you know, it's just taken a while to get off the ground. 

Andrew: Yeah. I wouldn't say it's funny that a pandemic has caused us to want to create it even more. But yeah, I think within this timeframe, I'm really excited to, to record these episodes. Yeah. But a bigger question really is like, how did we come up with this name? 

Jocelyn: Yes. 

Andrew: Like where is Swicy from?

Jocelyn:  Honestly I feel like that is just all credit to Dan. Our angel investor. 

Andrew: Yeah. I think one day he was just like "swicy". And I was like, "what?" Because I didn't really know what it meant. Yeah. But he explained it as it's a mix of sweet and spicy and correct me if I'm wrong. I think we went through a lot of different names of what this podcast could be. You know, we just like brainstorm a bunch of ideas, but spicy was the only thing that stuck.

Jocelyn: Yeah. 

Andrew: It's just like easy to say.

Jocelyn:  It's also just like kind of intriguing. Yeah. You know. Like what does it mean? 

Andrew: Yeah. And I think it's a really good concept to just be like, Hey, one of us is sweet and one of us is spicy and you'll have to stay tuned in order for you to figure out who is who 

Jocelyn: Exactly. So like, what are we going to talk about with this thing? I mean, honestly, I. I know we have like a list of things. It's like a huge list, just so y'all know. 

Andrew: It's always growing. Everyone is sending in their topics that we should talk about. And by everyone, I mean, there's like two people, but it's okay. That's everyone.

Jocelyn: I think it's just, it'll just be interesting because, I mean, like you said, we're in quarantine right now because there's a global pandemic happening. 

Andrew: If you didn't know already 

Jocelyn: Yes, among, you know, a ton of other things that are going on in this world. So. I'm sure like topics that we have come up with six months ago might not be as relevant or like interesting as they could be now, or, but that's what makes it fun. We get to pick and choose. 

Andrew: Yeah. Especially with all the movements that are happening on going on. Right now. We definitely have a lot of topics that range from very serious things to very fun things that we want to talk about. 

Jocelyn: Yeah. We'd love to have different guests come on. like our friends just chatting with them, getting their perspectives 

Andrew: and other people who we want to, you know, increase representation on. So an example is like there's a Philippine X owned a florist near me that I want to interview, which I think is, would be really great to have on our podcast. Yeah. I'd love to hear how they got started, what they're doing. Yeah. And, you know, aside from guests, the topics that we may or may not talk about in the future, there's a bunch of fun stuff that we might talk about like astrology, tarot is that how you say it, taro to-rot. That's horrible. I shouldn't say it that

Jocelyn: Is it tarot?

Andrew:  I always thought it was taro 

Jocelyn: Taro cards, tarot cards. You know what? This is where I'm mixing up tarot and taro is that 

Andrew: You mean like the vegetable? 

Jocelyn: The food, the root Yeah, 

Andrew: The root vegetable, :laughter: 

Jocelyn: honestly, 

Andrew: You might be

Jocelyn: Okay, what we're referring to are the cards, you know, you get, you pull cards and they tell you your future, or they tell you how to like interpret your future or your reality.

Andrew: Yeah. 

Jocelyn: Whatever that's called. 

And you know, 

Andrew: another topic could be like food related, Jocelyn you're vegan, an aside, which I'll announce now is like, I am leaning more towards vegetarian recently, 

Jocelyn: :Gasp: this is exciting. 

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, I think it's more of a health decision, but we'll tap into that topic later. 

Jocelyn: That could be its own episode.

Andrew: Let me get into the vegetarianism first and then we can have a conversation about it. Right now. I'm in the early stages. 

Jocelyn: That's fine. Everyone's got their own journey. 

Andrew: True. But you have definitely opened my eyes to a lot of vegan places. Especially in San Francisco 

Jocelyn: Thank you. 

Andrew: And they're good. 

Jocelyn: Hell yeah, we don't just see beans. Or salads and yeah, dude, fuck the salad. Okay. I, I admit I really enjoy the sweet green, shroomami salad, but typically I would say no salads. Like why are you charging $20 when you could just give me like something else, you know? 

Andrew: Yes. But I'm also like. Some vegan salads are actually really good. I mean the Caesar one from CyBelle's is actually pretty good.

Jocelyn: Dude. Shout out to CyBelle's. If you're in San Francisco and you're vegan and you've never been to symbols front room in the inner Richmond, y'all need to go there ASAP. Did I say inner Richmond? Yeah. Inner sunset. I'm sorry, 

Andrew: I was like, it's in the inner sunset, right? :laughs:

Jocelyn: But yes, you should go there. It's good. They're not sponsoring this episode, but you know, just saying. 

Andrew: I mean the list of vegan places we've been to, it's not huge, but like all of them have been pretty good VeganBurg. Shizen. CyBelle's, where else have we gone together? I mean, Hinodeya is, uh vegan ramen. 

Jocelyn: That's true. That shit's gold. 

Andrew: Yeah, that like, I was going to say top 10 ramen, but I haven't had that much ramen to say it's like top two, mostly. 

Jocelyn: Well, yeah, so, I mean, we'll be chatting about food. We'll be chatting about other things like, different identities that we have, or that maybe our guests have. We could talk about politics. And I think the most important topic is, was the dress white, gold, or blue and black. 

Andrew: I saw white and gold, but I've definitely seen both. 

Jocelyn: I've seen both only once. But I don't know why. 

Andrew: No, same. I think mine was only once as well. And I don't know why either. 

Jocelyn: It's very strange 

Andrew: What tricks are being played on my eyes.

Jocelyn: We need to get a scientist. 

Andrew: Do we know any like a color scientist? Is that a thing? 

Jocelyn: I, yeah, I think they have there has to be, I assume. Right? 

Andrew: Yeah. Have you ever heard of the mantis shrimp? No. This is a side because we're talking about it's a, it's a. Shrimp. I believe it's an actual shrimp in the ocean that can see like way more colors than like it's like the animal or organism that can see the most colors. I think don't quote me on that, but I know it can see a lot of colors. 

Jocelyn: All right. Well, I'm just going to look this up right after we recorded this. 

Andrew: Yeah. But I think that's true. You can y'all can prove me wrong. If, you know, send me, send us a, send us a message. If I'm wrong.

Jocelyn: Send us an email or no, you can tweet at us.

Andrew: Yeah, you can tweet us 

Jocelyn: Or IG us. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that's all we got. Make sure you subscribe on Apple podcasts and all other apps like Spotify, Google podcasts, or Stitcher 

Andrew: For transcripts, other episodes, and more information. Visit  getswicy.com 

Jocelyn: Tune in next week for mooooore swicy content. 

Andrew: Bye

Jocelyn: Peeeeeace.