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January 29, 2021

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Andrew: Welcome to this Swicy

Jocelyn: Where one of us is sweet

Andrew: Wait, wait hold on wait I got lost. Rewind. Okay.

Jocelyn: What do you think spicy means? 

Guest #1: I've no idea. 

Guest #2: Kind of sexy 

Guest #3: :Laughter: Swicy?. 

Andrew: Yeah. 

Guest #4: It's like sweet and spicy it's food related. 

Andrew: What comes to mind when you hear the word spicy? 

Guest #5: Patrick Swayze 

Guest #6: Swipey 

Guest #7: like swag 

Guest #8: um, I was going to say, uh, that sounds like slang that the youth would use and it makes me feel like an old, I just yeeted.

Jocelyn: What if spicy were a verb?

Guest #9: To swice

Guest #10: I be swicin.

Guest #11: I would swice that or is that I would swice with that. Like, I'd fuck with that 

Guest #12: Swicy? I don't know what that would mean

Andrew: Do you think you're swicy? 

Guest #13: That seems like a trick question. So I have to say no.

Guest #14: I wouldn't recognize myself as a swicy person. I'm more like spicy, not sweet. 

Guest #15: I wish I was.

Guest #16: Ah, I have the capability to be. Yeah. 

Guest #17: Yes. 

Guest #18: Is it like spicy? :laughter: If so, no.

Andrew: :Laughter: Welcome to Swicy. 

Jocelyn: Where one of us is sweet and one of us is spicy. 

Andrew: I'm Andrew 

Jocelyn: and I'm Jocelyn. 

Andrew: And this weekly podcast, you'll hear our hot takes on life, culture, food, and more. 

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